“A Human Touch”

Sunday, February 24th was the first broadcast of “A Human Touch,” a play written by Pawling resident Jude Albert about a young teenage boy who volunteers in a hospital neonatal care unit. This was our Founder Kathie Freston’s first time directing a radio play, and she soon discovered the importance and necessity of using sound to create the actions from the script. Fortunately, audio engineer Andrew Nathans was well up to the task of bringing the hospital environment to life.

A Human Touch
From left to right: Playwright Jude Albert, cast members Susan Pieratti and Geri Munnick, audio engineer Andrew Nathans, and director Kathie Freston.

This highly successful program will be rebroadcast on Pawling Public Radio on Wednesday, February 27th at 7:00pm. Tune in to Pawling Public Radio at 101.7 FM in the Village of Pawling, or if you are not in the Pawling area you can listen live at http://pawling.wpengine.com/listen-live/.


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